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Vending Machine Service Business Cards #001
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Antares Vending Machines Antares Vending Machines
The Planet Antares Refreshment Center / Natural Choice U.S.A. Combination Snack and Soda Vending Machines... The Cadillac of mechanical vending machines!!!

Guess what? You can save LITERALLY thousands of dollars on these state of the art, super popular Antares Refreshment Center mechanical vending machine combos.

Antares combos with dollar bill changers cost $5000 - $6500 brand new... with , you can find hundreds of listings for the same machines, many still NEW IN BOXES, at a fraction of that cost.

Also, you can save hundreds of dollars in shipping costs and save yourself time and headaches by going to , clicking on your state listing (or adjacent states) , choosing the Antares option in the drop-down menu, and seeing what Antares combos are within driving distance.

Antares vending machine combos generally have 3 main parts that can operate independently of one another if needed. These consist of:
Snack vending machine with 9 selections. (candy, chips, crackers, etc.)
Soda vending machine with 7 selections. Depending on the year model, they can vend cans and Red Bull, Frappucino, juice, etc.
Side mounted dollar bill changer. Since the Antares coin mechs require exact change, the dollar bill changer mounted to your machine takes care of that issue. Your customers put in their dollar, receive their change, and then are free to spend it in your vending machines.

Since each selection has it's own coin mechanism, if something goes wrong with one selection, you still have all the others.

The Planet Antares combo is a compact machine, fitting easily into offices and other places with limited space. Plus, the Antares combos are easy on the eyes!

So if you're interested in the famous Planet Antares combo, or any other pre-owned vending machines, please visit us at - you'll be super glad you did!
There are currently no products in this range.

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